SOX OPS Documentation Page

file: sox_ops.html - 05 Oct 2001

Basic "Theory of Ops"

- Talk to all systems via the PC104 (XRF System Control PC - Linux) main console on /dev/ttyS0

The PC104 Linux PC runs the sox software in the background to operate the XRF system; a serial port is dedicated to comms with the XRF system embedded hardware. MET data is passed out of the PC104 PC to the OZONE and SEAS systems on dedicated XMET serial ports. The OZONE and SEAS system consoles are connected to the PC104 PC on two additional serial ports.

Software could be written and run in background (like sox software for XRF) to communicate with the OZONE and SEAS system consoles to grab status, etc., during deployment.

XRF System

OZONE System

FE-SEAS System