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24 Aug 2007


See ASIMET MODULE OPERATIONS document for instructions on how to hook up the comms link to your PC and RS-485 adapter.
Refer to Latest Version Information for reference info on latest firmware version numbers.

This module uses the Delta-T Devices SPN1 Sunshine Pyranometer as its sensor front-end. It interfaces directly to the VOSC530 CPU board via RS232. Calibrated total radiation and diffuse radiation values are received directly from the SPN1.

CFLASH NOTE 1 - Firmware Ver 4.xx has been tested using SanDisk CompactFLASH cards (256 MB and 64 MB) with SanDisk CompactFLASH PC Card (PCMCIA) Adapters on WHOI VO80053 Rev C/D CPU (VOSC530) boards.

CFLASH NOTE 2 - CompactFLASH cards MUST be formatted using the I command choice in the FOK command menu. CompactFLASH cards may be read on a PC and will contain 2 files: a .INF user-defined Info file, and a .DAT Data file.

Ops Note 1: When the module is setup for RS232 comms, total and diffuse radiation values (the same values stored in CFLASH each minute, and in the same format as the 'C' command output) can be sent to the console each minute. See the UOK command for enable/disable info.

Ops Note 2: commands sent are indicated in BOLD, responses in normal text. <crlf> represents ASCII carriage return and line feed; <crlfetx> represents ASCII carriage return, line feed, ETX (03h).

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