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11 May 2015


See ASIMET MODULE OPERATIONS document for instructions on how to hook up the comms link to your PC and RS-485 adapter.
Refer to Latest Version Information for reference info on latest firmware version numbers.

SDHC NOTE 1 - Firmware Ver 5.xx has been tested using SanDisk SDHC cards of 2 GB, 4 GB, and 8 GB on WHOI ASIPIC24 Rev A CPU boards.

SDHC NOTE 2 - SDHC cards MUST be initialized using the I command choice in the SDOK command menu. SDHC cards may be read on a PC and will contain 3 files: an ASHRH???.ID file, an ASHRH???.INF file, and an ASHRH???.DAT file. ??? will be replaced in the filename with the first 3 digits of the serial number specified in the UOK command under Menu #2 - MODSER.

Refer to SDHC Storage Format for details of the SD card data file format.

NOTE: this module interchangeably uses either the HPS24IF (PIC24-based) sensor front-end board or the VOSHPS type of sensor front-end. Modules built after ?? 2015 use the newer HPS24IF front-end board.   Reference the HPS24IF Front-End Module Command Set document.   If this module contains a VOSHPS type of sensor front-end (due to field repair/substitution), reference the VOSHPS Front-End Module Command Set document.

Note: commands sent are indicated in BOLD, responses in normal text. <crlf> represents ASCII carriage return and line feed; <crlfetx> represents ASCII carriage return, line feed, ETX (03h).

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