file: autoimet_cmnd.html
1 Nov 2007

AUTOIMET LOGR53 Commands - Firmware Ver 3.21 and later

- ALL COMMANDS ARE TERMINATED IN CARRIAGE RETURN <cr> - don't forget! It's assumed for all commands below

- Mode of Operation:

- Refer to Latest Version Information for reference info on latest firmware version numbers.

Instrument Module port assignments (Port 1 thru Port 11 correspond to LOGRIF PC Board P1 thru P11)

Heise barometer - internally mounted with logger - uses Aux Port D (P23)
RF Modem power control - uses switched power at Aux Port A (P20)

NOAA/SEAS Broadcast message (NO command required):

Standard Commands (precede with # only, i.e. #STAT to get status):

NOTE: The FULL command set is ONLY available when the LOGR53 is NOT running (see STOP command).