file: logr_ntas_cmnd.html
16 Jul 2003

NTAS MET LOGR53 Commands - Firmware Ver 2.xx

See LOGR53 OPERATIONS document for instructions on how to hook up the comms link to your PC.
Refer to Latest Version Information for reference info on latest firmware version numbers.

MET Logger always comes up running and logging in fixed configuration - see 'default' config below

ASIMET Module port assignments

(Port 1 thru Port 11 correspond to LOGRIF PC Board P1 thru P11)

Command Descriptions

- ALL COMMANDS ARE TERMINATED IN CARRIAGE RETURN <cr> - don't forget! It's assumed for all commands below

- Remember: Modified address mode only - PRECEDE ALL COMMANDS WITH # (full address not used)
- NOTE: The FULL command set is ONLY available when the LOGR53 is NOT running (see STOP command).