last update: 10 Apr 2006

Iridium Configuration - Prototype units

Logger Configuration (firmware LOGR53 V3.10)

Comms Controller Configuration

Nothing to configure!

Note that the Iridium console cable pinout is standard ASIMET and LOGR53. Procomm or equivalent should be set for 38400 N81 BEFORE applying power to the Iridium console cable! Applying power at the Iridium console cable will switch power ON to the comms controller. Procomm will display the startup messages then the Iridium SEND script messages, followed by the Linux system prompt. This will cause an extra Iridium transmission if the logger currently has the comms controller power OFF. Remember that the logger ALWAYS turns ON iridium power for the first hour after main logger power up, then for 15 minutes every 4 hours thereafter.

NOTE that removing power from the Iridium comms controller at anytime should be OK - a Linux shutdown is not necessary, as all software resides in FLASH on the controller CPU board.

System Operation

  1. Start logger as usual and confirm AOK

  2. Connect Iridium Controller box as follows (don't connect power control cable!):
    1. Connect Antenna
    2. Connect Comms Power (6-pin cable)
    3. Connect LOGGER console to Comms Controller input
    4. Connect a standard ASIMET/LOGR53 console test cable to the Comms Controller console connector.
    5. Connect this console test cable to a PC/Laptop with Procomm set for 38400 N81
    6. Apply power to the console test cable (this will switch on the comms controller batteries - this does NOT need to be a big supply or battery. An old (but NOT dead!!) MET battery will do.
    7. Observe Linux startup messages, Iridium script messages, Linux prompt on success.

  3. Once above is successful, connect the power control cable between the logger and the comms controller.

  4. If still in first 60 minutes from power up of logger, comms controller will remain ON when power is removed from console test cable. Otherwise, logger will power up the comms controller every 4 hours for 15 minutes using the settings show above.

  5. that's all......