file: readme_vmcm2_linux.html
10 Feb 2003

VMCM2 file conversion for firmware VMCM2-53 Ver 3.xx

To convert binary data files from the VMCM2 to ASCII format, use the following commands to call the conversion programs as follows (these calls convert the binary file vm020217.dat to ASCII):

./vmcm2swab vm020217.dat vm020217.swb
./vmcm2asc vm020217.swb vm020217.asc

The intermediate binary file vm020217.swb is byte swapped for 80x86 (PC) processors (since Franklin C51 compiler byte-order is MS byte first in memory). The ASCII output file will be vm020217.asc; the original file vm020217.dat is left untouched.

The ASCII output file is formatted with one record per line, comma-separated values, as follows:

hour, minute, second, day, month, 4 digit year,
float value of VelEast in cm/s,
float value of VelNorth in cm/s,
integer value of Rotor 1 counts, (rotor nearest to endcap)
integer value of Rotor 2 counts, (rotor farthest from endcap)
float value of Last Compass in degrees,
float value of Last Tilt X in degrees,
float value of Last Tilt Y in degrees,
float value of Sea Temperature in degrees C,
float value of Thermistor Resistance in ohms,
integer value of multiplexed parameter number,
float value of multiplexed parameter