Project NTAS - Northwest Tropical Atlantic Station for air-sea flux measurement

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Deployed: October 23, 2013
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Real Time Data


The thirteenth NTAS buoy was launched on October 23, at 01:30 from the NOAA Ship R.H.Brown.
The NTAS site is WMO ID 48401 and NDBC Partner Platform 41NT0.
Real time data is sent back to shore by several subsystems on the buoy. Argos transmitters relay met data from the two ASIMet loggers on the buoy, and a subsurface telemetry system, consisting of an inductive modem transmitting via Iridium, sends back data from several instruments on the mooring line. Links to near-real-time data are on the right-hand column of this page. NTAS data is also available from the OceanSITES THREDDS server at NDBC.


Hourly meteorological data for the current deployment of the NTAS buoy are recieved via Service Argos four times daily. Data is displayed as time series and available for download as ASCII files a well as OceanSITES NetCDF files.

A note on resolution, and one on ASIMet data formats.

NTAS imet fig 1 NTAS  imet fig 2

Subsurface Data

The NTAS 13 subsurface telemetry system uses an inductive subsystem developed at WHOI, and transmits via an Iridium modem.

The inductive modem transmits data from 3 SBE 37s, 2 SBE 39s,and a single current meter. A record time is provided by the Seabird Inductive Modem (SIM) and represents the time of receipt of the last sample by the SIM. To adjust the time word in the Iridium data stream, we have subtracted 30 minutes, so time is approximately at the center of the hourly sample.
Plots of temperature are updated about every 4 hours:

NTAS ss temp
Inductive data listings: Daily or Complete
Full time series plots: Temperature

Subsurface Instrumentation

The instruments are sampled once per hour. The ID# controls the position of the instruments' data within the Iridium message.


Wave Data

The NTAS 10, 11 and 12 buoys were equipped with NDBC WAMDAS Wave systems. The system is not transmitting on NTAS 13; earlier wave data is available at NDBC's Station 41060 page.

Last updated: July 24, 2014.