UOP Facilitator List

Date        Facilitator

2017/04/20   Sebastien Bigorre
2017/04/27   Tom Farrar
2017/05/04   Nan Galbraith
2017/05/11   Ray Graham
2017/05/18   Emerson Hasbrouck
2017/05/25   Kelan Huang
2017/06/01   Ben Pietro
2017/06/08   Al Plueddemann
2017/06/15   Jason Smith
2017/06/22   Geoff Allsup

If you are unable to assume the responsibility for the date assigned to you, please check with other members of this list for a substitute! Regretfully, the DonutMeister is unable to handle requests for changes to the schedule personally.

The list is rotated on Wednesday morning. If this Thursday's date does not appear on the list, and today is Wednesday or Thursday, then the name at the end of the list is this week's facilitator.

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