file: logr_testbed53_cf_cmnd.html
21 Mar 2017

MET TESTBED53 Commands - Firmware Ver 4.14X with CompactFLASH

MET Logger always comes up running and logging in fixed configuration - see 'default' config below.

CFLASH NOTE 1 - Firmware Ver 4.xxX has been tested using SanDisk CompactFLASH cards (256 MB and 64 MB) with SanDisk CompactFLASH PC Card (PCMCIA) Adapters on WHOI VMLOGR53 Rev D CPU boards.

CFLASH NOTE 2 - CompactFLASH cards MUST be formatted using the I command choice in the FOK command menu. CompactFLASH cards may be read on a PC and will contain 2 files: a .INF user-defined Info file, and a .DAT Data file. Processing of the new .DAT file is identical to processing the data files from older PCMCIA-based loggers, since the data file record format is unchanged.

There are 3 possible configurations for the TESTBED53. Two types of MET modules (up to 5 of each type) may be tested depending on the configuration. Check the current configuration with STAT.

HRHPRC - HRH modules on ports 1-5, PRC modules on ports 6-10
LWRSWR - LWR modules on ports 1-5, SWR modules on ports 6-10
WNDBPR - WND modules on ports 1-5, BPR modules on ports 6-10

example ASIMET Module port assignments for HRHPRC configuration

(Port 1 thru Port 10 correspond to LOGRIF PC Board P1 thru P10)

Command Descriptions

- ALL COMMANDS ARE TERMINATED IN CARRIAGE RETURN <cr> - don't forget! It's assumed for all commands below

- Remember: Modified address mode only - PRECEDE ALL COMMANDS WITH # (full address not used)
- NOTE: The FULL command set is ONLY available when the TESTBED53 is NOT running (see STOP command).