file: sm24_maincpu.html
7 Feb 2004

SAMPLER24 Main CPU Commands Version 1.20

- ALL COMMANDS ARE TERMINATED IN CARRIAGE RETURN <cr> - don't forget! It's assumed for all commands below

- mode of operation:

Special Service Signal (Hardware Option)

To facilitate maintenance of the filter holders, a pushbutton input allows the system to be stopped, and move filter holders to the maintenance window, beginning with filter #0. The system will restart where it left off after 15 minutes of no pushbutton activityUNLESS at least 24 button pushes have been counted. After 24 button presses, all filters are assumed to have been replaced, and sampling will restart (after the 15 minute timeout) from the beginning. If this is NOT what you want, you MUST attach a console, command a STOP, and handle things via the console

NOTE that if a console is attached and ANY command is sent to the sampling system BEFORE the 15 minute restart occurs, RESTART will be ABORTED and the system will remain STOPPED (until normal timeout restarts system where it left off).

Module port assignments

Standard commands (precede with # only, i.e. #STAT to get status):

NOTE: The FULL command set is ONLY available when the SAMPLER24 is NOT running (see STOP command).