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11 May 2015

ASIMET Wind Module Version 5.xx with SDHC Command Set Preliminary

See ASIMET MODULE OPERATIONS document for instructions on how to hook up the comms link to your PC and RS-485 adapter.
Refer to Latest Version Information for reference info on latest firmware version numbers.

SDHC NOTE 1 - Firmware Ver 5.xx has been tested using SanDisk SDHC cards of 2 GB, 4 GB, and 8 GB on WHOI ASIPIC24 Rev - CPU boards.

SDHC NOTE 2 - SDHC cards MUST be initialized using the I command choice in the SDOK command menu. SDHC cards may be read on a PC and will contain 3 files: an ASRMY???.ID file, an ASRMY???.INF file, and an ASRMY???.DAT file. ??? will be replaced in the filename with the first 3 digits of the serial number specified in the UOK command under Menu #2 - MODSER.

Refer to SDHC Storage Format for details.

Note 1: This module uses the PICWND type of sensor front-end with RM Young Wind Vane. Reference the PICWND Front-End Module Command Set document.

Note: commands sent are indicated in BOLD, responses in normal text. <crlf> represents ASCII carriage return and line feed; <crlfetx> represents ASCII carriage return, line feed, ETX (03h).

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