file: vm2curr53.html
18 Sep 2012

VMCM2 Commands - Firmware Version 3.2x (C530 CPU Board)

See VMCM2 OPERATIONS document for instructions on how to hook up the comms link to your PC.
Refer to Latest Version Information for reference info on latest firmware version numbers.

VMCM2 always powers up running and logging in fixed configuration - see 'default' config below
- NOTE: may be placed in WAIT mode by command after startup.

NOTE: Version 3.2x adds additional rotor test commands (TRC, TRI, TRS) and, under the UOK command, the CMP option to power duty-cycle the TCM2 compass for power conservation (note that this results in less than standard once per second compass sampling).

NOTE 2: All other commands are the same as earlier Firmware Version 3.10. Note also that the TRS rotor test command is the same as the TR command in Firmware Version 3.10.

Command Descriptions

- ALL COMMANDS ARE TERMINATED IN CARRIAGE RETURN <cr> - don't forget! It's assumed for all commands below

- Remember: precede all commands with #addr, i.e. #VM001 in address mode
- NOTE: The FULL command set is ONLY available when the VMCM2 is NOT running (see STOP command).