Upper Ocean Mooring Data Downloading Tips

To prevent a file from being displayed in your browser's window, hold down the shift key before clicking on the link. On Macintosh systems, the option key provides this functionality. These keys indicate to your browser that you want to download the file, and you'll go right to the download window.

If your browser tries to display a file to the screen, click stop and back. Then try again, this time holding down the shift or option key.

Some ASCII files are compressed with gzip and can be uncompressed on Mac, PC, or UNIX systems. If you have trouble uncompressing with your old software, try downloading a new copy of gzip from GNU.ORG.

If your browser does not recognize the file type, it will prompt you for the action it should take. Click on download to save the file, then, if necessary, de-compress it with gzip.

Last updated: March 5, 2008