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Many surface moorings, capable of observing surface meteorological conditions and upper ocean properties, have been deployed by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) over the last four decades. The experimental sites range from open ocean to coastal, span climatic regimes from tropical to subarctic, and include a variety of forcing regimes from benign to severe. This repository is an effort to collect these data in one place to enable scientific and engineering analyses which require coincident surface meteorology and upper ocean observations in a variety of environmental conditions.

Data Sets

The primary focus is on a series of experiments carried out by WHOI from the early 1980s to the present. These experiments are distinguished by observations of surface meteorology sufficient to estimate the fluxes of momentum, heat and (usually) moisture, coincident with high-resolution oceanographic observations within the upper few hundred meters. The goal is to populate the archive with data from 20 experiments. Since many experiments included multiple moorings, this represents 29 independent observational sites. Summary information about mooring location(s) and instrumentation for each experiment are provided as a part of the data repository. More detailed information is available in the WHOI technical reports associated with the experiments.

Obtaining the Data

Data sets are identified by experiment name (typically an acronym), and can be accessed from the table below. The table includes all of the completed experiments; please see the Current Projects area for ongoing experiments. Those that are currently available appear as "live" links. For those unfamiliar with the acronyms, a table gives the full name and sponsoring agency for each experiment.

Arabian Sea ASREX 91 ASREX 93 Biowatt CMO

Data sets can be identified in three other ways: An alphabetical list, a geographic map, and a timeline. The list gives the name, date, and location(s) for each experiment, showing how the 29 observation sites are broken down by experiment.

List Map Timeline

For Further Information

If you have trouble obtaining data, or have comments about the web site, please contact Nan Galbraith. If you have questions about data that you have obtained, please contact Al Plueddemann or Bob Weller.

Last updated: November 22, 2016