Upper Ocean Mooring Data Archive - MLML 91: The Marine Light - Mixed Layer Experiment
Meteorological Parameters

UOP met files contain a standard sequence of parameters, as listed here. For those parameters that were not measured on this experiment, the 'LongName' is listed as 'not available'. No precipitation sensors were used on MLML91, for example.

Wind is recorded in meteorological convention, the direction towards which the wind is blowing.

Short nameLong NameUnitsComment
atmpAir TemperatureDegC-
hrhRelative HumidityPercent-
bprBarometric PressureMbars-
stmpSea TemperatureDegC-
wndeWind Eastm/s-
wndnWind Northm/s-
sradSolar RadiationWatts/sq meter-
lradLong-Wave RadiationWatts/sq meter-
pratenot available--

Last updated: April 9, 2008