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Subsurface Data Stratus I-IV
2000/10 - 2010/07
Met plot 2000-2010 Flux plot 2000-2010
2011/04 - 2021/01
Met plot 2011-2018 Met plot 2011-2018

Stratus Reference Data

For data from individual deploymentsof the Stratus platform, please see the Stratus Archive page in the Current Projects section.
More detailed information about the ASIMet instrument package is available at /UOPinstruments/UOPinstruments.html.

Please note the version date as well as the citation for any data you download.

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Data is presented in NetCDF using the OceanSITES specification, which is based on the Climate and Forecast Standard, known as CF. A full description of the OceanSITES specification is available on the OceanSITES web site.
All data presented here should be considered provisional, as further adjustments to the data may be needed. Please note the version date as well as the citation for any data you download.

When using the data, please acknowledge the source: "Data from the Stratus Ocean Reference Station were made available by Dr. Robert Weller of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; these data were collected with support from the Pan American Climate Study and Climate Observation Programs of the Office of Global Programs, NOAA Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research, Grants NA17RJ1223, NA17RJ1224, and NA17RJ1225."

Download Meteorological and Surface Flux Data

Stratus I-X

2000-10 to 2010-07

Met1 hour OS_Stratus_200010-201007_GRD_M-1H.cdl
Flux1 hour OS_Stratus_200010-201007_DPR_F-1H.cdl
Met1 month OS_Stratus_200010-201006_GRD_M-1M.cdl
Flux1 month OS_Stratus_200010-201006_DPR_F-1M.cdl

Stratus XI-XVI

2011-04 to 2021-01

Met1 hour OS_Stratus_201104-202101_GRD_M-1H.cdl
Flux1 hour OS_Stratus_201104-202101_DPR_F-1H.cdl
Met1 month OS_Stratus_201104-202101_GRD_M-1M.cdl
Flux1 month OOS_Stratus_201104-202101_DPR_F-1M.cdl

Last updated: March 29, 2022.