Project WHOTS - WHOI Hawaii Ocean Time-series Station

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Surface Plots 2004/08 - 2018/09
Met plot 2004-2021 Flux plot 2004-2021
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WHOTS Reference Data

As data becomes available it is added to this secton of the site; it may still be subject to updates, however. Please note the version date as well as the citation for any data you download.

For unedited data from more recent deployments of this platform, received via satellite, please see the Current Projects section.
Meteorological data contained on this site is collected by ASIMet loggers. These provided a record of:

  • Wind velocity
  • Relative Humidity
  • Air and Sea surface Temperatures
  • Incoming Shortwave Radiation
  • Incoming Longwave Radiation
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Precipitation

More detailed information about the ASIMet instrument package is available at /UOPinstruments/UOPinstruments.html.

Subsurface temperature, conductivity and velocity data from WHOTS deployments are handled by the University of Hawaii. Please visit the UH WHOTS Database to access.

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Data is presented in NetCDF using the OceanSITES specification, which is based on the Climate and Forecast Standard, known as CF. A full description of the OceanSITES specification is available on the OceanSITES web site.

All data presented here should be considered preliminary as further adjustments to the data may be needed. Please note the version date as well as the citation for any data you download.

Note: Surface current data presented here is meant to represent the data used in flux calculations, NOT as the authoritative source of WHOTS current velocity data. Also, it is in draft NetCDF form, plese bear with us!


2004-08-14 to 2018-09-24

Met1 month OS_WHOTS_200408-202108_GRD_M-1M.cdl
Flux1 month OS_WHOTS_200408-202108_DPR_F-1M.cdl
Met1 hour OS_WHOTS_200408-202108_GRD_M-1H.cdl
Flux1 hour OS_WHOTS_200408-202108_DPR_F-1H.cdl

Last updated: March 29, 2022.