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Archived Data

As data becomes available it is added to this secton of the Stratus site; it may still be subject to updates, however. Please note the version date as well as the citation for any data you download.

For unedited data from more recent deployments of the Stratus platform, received via Argos satellite, please see the real time data section, above.
Meteorological data contained on this site is collected by ASIMet loggers. More detailed information about this instrument package is available at /UOPinstruments/UOPinstruments.html.

The ASIMET meteorological sensors on the buoy provided a record of:

  • Wind velocity
  • Relative Humidity
  • Air and Sea surface Temperatures
  • Incoming Shortwave Radiation
  • Incoming Longwave Radiation
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Precipitation

Download Data
A full description of the OceanSITES NetCDF specification used for UOP datasets is available on the OceanSITES web site. Variable "standard names" are taken from the Climate and Forecast NetCDF specification.

All data presented here should be considered preliminary as further adjustments to the data may be needed. Please note the version date as well as the citation for any data you download.


When using the data, please acknowledge the source: "Data from the Stratus Ocean Reference Station were made available by Dr. Robert Weller of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; these data were collected with support from the Ocean Observing and Monitoring Division, Climate Program Office (FundRef number 100007298), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, under grant NA14OAR4320158."

Download Meteorological and Surface Velocity Data

Stratus I

Set: October 7, 2000, 20:43 UTC, R.V. Melville, Cook 2 cruise
Recovered: October 17, 2001, 12:39 UTC, R/V R.H. Brown, cruise RB-08-01
Position: 20° 9´S, 85° 8´W
Water depth: 4440 meters

TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_Stratus_2000_D_M.cdl OS_Stratus_2000_D_M.asc.gz
Vel OS_Stratus_2000_D_surfV.cdl OS_Stratus_2000_D_surfV.asc.gz

Stratus II

Set: October 19, 2001, 19:46 UTC, R/V R.H. Brown, cruise RB-08-01
Recovered: October 22, 2002, 12:59 UTC, R.V Melville, cruise Vanc 03
Position: 20° 8.597´S, 85° 8.435´W
Water depth: 4454 meters

TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_Stratus_2001_D_M.cdl OS_Stratus_2001_D_M.asc.gz
Vel OS_Stratus_2001_D_surfV.cdl OS_Stratus_2001_D_surfV.asc.gz

Stratus III

Set: October 25, 2002, 00:16 UTC, R.V. Melville, cruise Vanc03
Recovered: November 17, 2003, 12:32 UTC, R.V. Revelle, cruise Dana03
Position: 20° 10.482´S, 85° 6.727´W
Water depth: 4440 meters

TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_Stratus_2002_D_M.cdl OS_Stratus_2002_D_M.asc.gz
Vel OS_Stratus_2002_D_surfV.cdl OS_Stratus_2002_D_surfV.asc.gz

Stratus IV

Set: November 19, 2003, 20:32 UTC, R.V. Revelle, cruise Dana03
Recovered: December 12, 2004, 10:46 UTC, R.V. Ron Brown, cruise RB-11-04
Position: 19° 45.912´S, 85° 30.405´W
Water depth: 4441 meters

TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_Stratus_2003_D_M.cdl OS_Stratus_2003_D_M.asc.gz
Vel OS_Stratus_2003_D_surfV.cdl >OS_Stratus_2003_D_surfV.asc.gz

Stratus V

Set: December 14, 2004, 18:25 UTC, R.V. Ron Brown, cruise RB-11-04
Recovered: , October 12, 2005 10:44 UTC, R.V. Ron Brown, cruise RB-05-05
Position: 19° 44.741´S, 85° 31.360´W
Water depth: 4425 meters

TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_Stratus_2004_D_M.cdl OS_Stratus_2004_D_M.asc.gz
Vel OS_Stratus_2004_D_surfV.cdl OS_Stratus_2004_D_surfV.asc.gz

Stratus VI

Set: October 14, 2005, 17:51 UTC, R.V. Ron Brown, cruise RB-05-05
Recovered: October 18, 2006, UTC, R.V. Ron Brown, cruise RB-06-07
Position: 20° 2.6703´S, 85° 11.3054´W
Water depth: 4481 meters

TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_Stratus_2005_D_M.cdl OS_Stratus_2005_D_M.asc.gz
Vel OS_Stratus_2005_D_surfV.cdl OS_Stratus_2005_D_surfV.asc.gz

Stratus VII

Set: October 16,2006, 17:51 UTC, R.V. Ron Brown, cruise RB-06-07
Recovered: October 29, 2007 10:57 UTC, R.V. Ron Brown, cruise RB-07-09
Position: 19° 45.28´S, 85° 31.93´W
Water depth: 4446 meters

TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_Stratus_2006_D_M.cdl OS_Stratus_2006_D_M.asc.gz
Vel OS_Stratus_2006_D_surfV.cdl OS_Stratus_2006_D_surfV.asc.gz

Stratus VIII

Set: October 27,2007, 18:27 UTC, R.V. Ron Brown, cruise RB-07-09
Recovered: October 27, 2008 10:45 UTC, R.V. Ron Brown, cruise 08-06
Position: 19° 37.2147´S, 85° 22.73´W
Water depth: 4453 meters

TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_Stratus_2007_D_M.cdl OS_Stratus_2007_D_M.asc.gz
Vel OS_Stratus_2007_D_surfV.cdl OS_Stratus_2007_D_surfV.asc.gz

Stratus IX

Set: October 25,2008, 18:46 UTC, R.V. Ron Brown 08-06
Recovered: January 20, 2010 11:30 UTC, R.V. Ron Brown 01-10
Position: 19° 42.6446´ S, 85° 35.297´W
Water depth: 4529 meters

TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_Stratus_2008_D_M.cdl OS_Stratus_2008_D_M.asc.gz
Vel OS_Stratus_2008_D_surfV.cdl OS_Stratus_2008_D_surfV.asc.gz

Stratus X

Set: January 17, 2010, 18:23 UTC, R.V. Ron Brown 10-01
Went adrift: July 8, 2010, about 11:00 UTC
Recovered: (upper 45m) July 22, 2010, 20:00, from B.I.C. Humbolt
Recovered: (lower portion) April 7, 2011, from Moana Wave
Position: 19° 36.809´S, 85° 23.124´W
Water depth: 4460 meters

TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_Stratus_2010_D_M.cdl OS_Stratus_2010_D_M.asc.gz
Vel OS_Stratus_2010_D_surfV.cdl OS_Stratus_2010_D_surfV.asc.gz

Stratus XI

Set: April 6. 2011 at 19:30 UTC, R.V. Moana Wave
Recovered: May 29,2012 at 12:30 UTC, from the R.V. Melville (MV-12-07)
Position: 19° 41.4783´S, 85° 34.0093´W
Water depth: 4440 meters

TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_Stratus_2011_D_M.cdl OS_Stratus_2011_D_M.asc.gz
Vel OS_Stratus_2011_D_surfV.cdl OS_Stratus_2011_D_surfV.asc.gz

Stratus XII

Set: May 27, 2012 at 22:03 UTC, R.V. Melville (MV-12-07)
Went adrift: January 25, 2014
Recovered: (upper portion): March 3, 2014 from the R.V. Ron Brown RB14-01
Recovered: (lower portion): March 8, 2014
Position: 19° 56.3064´S, 85° 17.5598´W
Water depth: 4539 meters
TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_Stratus_2012_D_M.cdl OS_Stratus_2012_D_M.asc.gz
Vel OS_Stratus_2012_D_surfV.cdl OS_Stratus_2012_D_surfV.asc.gz

Stratus XIII

Set: March 7, 2014 at 18:01 UTC, R.V. Ron Brown (RB-14-01)
Recovered: April 24, 2015, at 11:34 UTC, from the Chilean Navy ship Cabo de Hornos
Position: 19° 37.4714´S, 84° 57.139´W
Water depth: 4541 meters
TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_Stratus_2014_D_M.cdl OS_Stratus_2014_D_M.asc.gz
Vel OS_Stratus_2014_D_surfV.cdl OS_Stratus_2014_D_surfV.asc.gz

Stratus XIV

Set: April 21. 2015 at 22:00 UTC, from the Chilean Navy ship Cabo de Hornos
Recovered: June 22, 2016 at 12:06 UTC, Chilean Navy ship Cabo de Hornos
Position: 19° 48.9713´S, 84° 44.3744´W
Water depth: 4510 meters
TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_Stratus_2015_D_M.cdl OS_Stratus_2015_D_M.asc.gz
Vel OS_Stratus_2015_D_surfV.cdl OS_Stratus_2015_D_surfV.asc.gz

Last updated: Aug 19, 2015.