Completed Project: Coupled Boundary Layer – Air Sea Transfer (CBLAST) Experiment

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Upper Ocean Dynamics and Horizontal Variability
in Low Winds

The CBLAST project is funded through the Office of Naval Reasearch
Principle Investigator: Robert A. Weller


The overall aim of the project is to observe and better understand the temporal and spatial variability of the upper ocean by investigating the processes responsible for the exchange of mass, momentum and heat between the ocean and the atmosphere under low wind conditions.

The oceanic component of the study will pay particular attention to air-sea interaction and the coupling of the sub-thermocline ocean to the mixed layer. Through observational studies and employing new concepts in instrument arrays we hope to understand the physical processes that determine the horizontal, vertical and temporal variability of the mixed layer under light wind conditions. The spatial and temporal scales under investigation ranging from 1 m to 10's km scale and from minutes to days and months.


Last updated: April 16, 2008