Upper Ocean Mooring Data Repository - CMO: Coastal Mixing and Optics Experiment
Meteorological Instrumentation

Instrument Depths, Serial Numbers, and Timing
CMO Central Discus

Acronyms for instruments are provided in a list.

Height (m)Variable Instrument SNSample Rate Notes
3.4longwave radiation VAWR28872 -70415m NA
3.4shortwave radiation VAWR25418 -70415m NA
3.3wind speed VAWR70415m NA
3.1precipitation StandAlone0013.75m NA
3.0wind direction VAWR70415m NA
2.7barometric pressure VAWR46398 -70415m NA
2.7relative humidity VAWR037-70415m NA
2.6air temperature VAWR5811-70415m NA
-1.5sea temperature VAWR5115 -70415m NA

Last updated: March 24, 2008