Upper Ocean Mooring Data Repository - SESMOOR: Severe Environment Surface Mooring
Meteorological Sensors

Acronyms for instruments are provided in a list.

The met sensors were placed on a bar on top of a single mast, 3 meters above the mean water mark. Exact sensor heights are unavailable for this buoy.

Sensor types for VAWR-161 and VAWR-707

Parameter Sensor Type
Air temperature YSI model 44034 Thermistor
Relative humidity Vaisala model 1518HM Humicap
Barometric pressure ParoScientific model 215AW-20 Digiquartz
Wind speed R.M.Young 5103 Wind Monitor on VAWR 161,
R.M.Young 6101 anemometer and WHOI vane on 707
Short-wave radiationEppley 8-48 Black and White Pyranometer
Long-wave radiation Eppley PIR Pyrgeometer
Sea temperature Thermometrics thermister

Last updated: May 18, 2008