Upper Ocean Mooring Data Repository - SMILE: Shelf Mixed Layer Experiment
Meteorological Sensors

Meteorological instruments were deployed on five SMILE surface buoys, C2, C3, C4,G3, and M3.

The C3 meteorological instrumentation included two VAWRs equipped to measure wind speed at four levels (2,3.5,5 and 7m), wind direction at two levels(3.5 and 7m), air temperatue, relative humidity, shortwave radiation, longwave radiation, barometroic pressure, and water temperature. The surrounding buoys were equipped with VAWRs with winds speed and direction and water temperature sensors.

Data presented here is a composite of the best data from the C3 buoy.

Height (m)Variable Instrument Sample Rate Notes
3.5longwave radiation PIR pyrgeometer15m NA
3.5shortwave radiation 8-48 Pyranometer15m NA
3.5wind cup anemometer15m NA
2.7barometric pressure Digiquatz barometer15m NA
3.0relative humidity Vaisala Capacitive sensor15m some drift noted
2.7air temperature thermistor15m NA
-1.0sea temperature thermistor15m No Data
-1.0conductivity VAWR15m No Data
-1.8sea temperature thermistor15m No Data

Last updated: March 13, 2008