Project WHOTS - WHOI Hawaii Ocean Time-series Station

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Archived WHOTS data
WHOTS data at NDBC Station 51WH0

Real Time Data

The WHOTS site is WMO station 51400, and is NDBC Partner Platform 51WH0.

Hourly averaged meteorological data for the current deployment of the WHOI Hawaii Ocean Time Series Station are received via Service Argos four times daily. Preliminary data is displayed in unedited form as time series plots, and is available for download as ASCII files.

Please see the data archive page for edited, post-recovery data from earlier deployments of this buoy.

A note on resolution, and one on ASIMet data formats.


The WHOTS 13 buoy was deployed deployed from the R.V. Hi'ialakai on 27 June 2016 at 08:47 UTC at approximately 22° 45´ N 157° 55´ W, in 4693 m of water.

WHOTS imet fig 1 WHOTS imet fig 2