Project NTAS - Northwest Tropical Atlantic Station for air-sea flux measurement

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Archived Data

As data becomes available it is added to this secton of the NTAS site; it may still be subject to updates, however. Please note the version date as well as the citation for any data you download.

A full description of the OceanSITES NetCDF specification used for UOP datasets is available on the OceanSITES web site. Metadata, including variable's "standard names" are taken from the Climate and Forecast NetCDF specification.

Real time data and provisional, partially processed subsurface temperature and salinity data is available on the Real Time Data page.

Notes on Meteorological Data

Meteorological data contained on this site is collected by ASIMet loggers. More detailed information about this instrument package is available at /UOPinstruments/UOPinstruments.html.

The ASIMET meteorological sensors on the buoy provided a record of:
  • Wind velocity
  • Relative Humidity
  • Air and Sea surface Temperatures
  • Incoming Shortwave Radiation
  • Incoming Longwave Radiation
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Precipitation

Notes on Subsurface Temperature and Salinity Data

Delayed-mode subsurface temperature and salinity data from NTAS 7 - 14 were processed in cooperation with D. Vandemark and M. Emond (U. New Hampshire, School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering). Key processing steps included timing checks, comparison with data from adjacent depths, assessment during periods of overlap between successive deployments, and comparison with independent data sources (e.g. Argo floats). Data files are separated by measurement type and sample interval.

Download Data
NetCDF (OceanSITES standard) files are available for download. All data presented here should be considered provisional, as further adjustments to the data may be needed. Please note the version date as well as the citation for any data you download.

When using the data, please acknowledge the source: "Data from the NTAS Ocean Reference Station were made available by the Upper Ocean Processes Group of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. These data were collected with support from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Global Ocean Monitoring and Observing (GOMO) Program through the Cooperative Institute for the North Atlantic Region (CINAR) under Cooperative Agreement NA14OAR4320158. NOAA CPO FundRef number (100007298)."


Dates: March 30, 2001 - March 6, 2002

TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_NTAS_2001_D_M.cdl OS_NTAS_2001_D_M.asc.gz
Vel OS_NTAS_2001_D_surfV.cdl OS_NTAS_2001_D_surfV.asc.gz


Dates: March 04, 2002- February 16, 2003

TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_NTAS_2002_D_M.cdl OS_NTAS_2002_D_M.asc.gz
SurfVel OS_NTAS_2002_D_surfV.cdl OS_NTAS_2002_D_surfV.asc.gz


Dates: Feb 15, 2003 - Feb 19, 2004

TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_NTAS_2003_D_M.cdl OS_NTAS_2003_D_M.asc.gz
SurfVel OS_NTAS_2003_D_surfV.cdl OS_NTAS_2003_D_surfV.asc.gz


Dates: Feb 21, 2004 - Mar 13, 2005

TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_NTAS_2004_D_M.cdl OS_NTAS_2004_D_M.asc.gz
SurfVel OS_NTAS_2004_D_surfV.cdl OS_NTAS_2004_D_surfV.asc.gz


Dates: March 11, 2005 - Feb 28, 2006

TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_NTAS_2005_D_M.cdl OS_NTAS_2005_D_M.asc.gz
SurfVel OS_NTAS_2005_D_surfV.cdl OS_NTAS_2005_D_surfV.asc.gz


Dates: February 25, 2006 - April 24, 2007

TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_NTAS_2006_D_M.cdl OS_NTAS_2006_D_M.asc.gz
SurfVel OS_NTAS_2006_D_surfV.cdl OS_NTAS_2006_D_surfV.asc.gz


Dates: April 19, 2007 - July 29, 2008

TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_NTAS_2007_D_M.cdl OS_NTAS_2007_D_M.asc.gz
30-min T OS_NTAS_2007_D_T30min.cdl OS_NTAS_2007_D_T30min.asc.gz
5-min T OS_NTAS_2007_D_T5min.cdl OS_NTAS_2007_D_T5min.asc.gz
1-min TS OS_NTAS_2007_D_TS1min.cdl
5-min TS OS_NTAS_2007_D_TS5min.cdl OS_NTAS_2007_D_TS5min.asc.gz
SurfVel OS_NTAS_2007_D_surfV.cdl OS_NTAS_2007_D_surfV.asc.gz


Dates: July 28, 2008 - July 1, 2009

TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_NTAS_2008_D_M.cdl OS_NTAS_2008_D_M.asc.gz
15-min T OS_NTAS_2008_D_T15min.cdl OS_NTAS_2008_D_T15min.asc.gz
5-min T OS_NTAS_2008_D_T5min.cdl OS_NTAS_2008_D_T5min.asc.gz
1-min TS OS_NTAS_2008_D_TS1min.cdl OS_NTAS_2008_D_TS1min.asc.gz
5-min TS OS_NTAS_2008_D_TS5min.cdl OS_NTAS_2008_D_TS5min.asc.gz
SurfVel OS_NTAS_2008_D_surfV.cdl OS_NTAS_2008_D_surfV.asc.gz


Dates: June 29, 2009 - November 12

TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_NTAS_2009_D_M.cdl OS_NTAS_2009_D_M.asc.gz
SurfVel OS_NTAS_2009_D_surfV.cdl OS_NTAS_2009_D_surfV.asc.gz
10-min T OS_NTAS_2009_D_T10min.cdl OS_NTAS_2009_D_T10min.asc.gz
5-min T OS_NTAS_2009_D_T5min.cdl OS_NTAS_2009_D_T5min.asc.gz
10-min T/S OS_NTAS_2009_D_TS10min.cdl OS_NTAS_2009_D_TS10min.asc.gz
1-min T/S OS_NTAS_2009_D_TS1min.cdl OS_NTAS_2009_D_TS1min.asc.gz


Dates: December 10, 2010 - November 28,2011

TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_NTAS_2010_D_M.cdl OS_NTAS_2010_D_M.asc.gz
10-min Temp OS_NTAS_2010_D_T10min.cdl OS_NTAS_2010_D_T10min.asc.gz
5 min Temp OS_NTAS_2010_D_T5min.cdl OS_NTAS_2010_D_T5min.asc.gz
10-min T/S OS_NTAS_2010_D_TS10min.cdl OS_NTAS_2010_D_TS10min.asc.gz
1-min T/S OS_NTAS_2010_D_TS1min.cdl OS_NTAS_2010_D_TS1min.asc.gz
SurfVel OS_NTAS_2010_D_surfV.cdl OS_NTAS_2010_D_surfV.asc.gz


Dates: November 25, 2011 - December, 2012. Went adrift: May 02, 2012

TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_NTAS_2011_D_M.cdl OS_NTAS_2011_D_M.asc.gz
10-min Temp OS_NTAS_2011_D_T10min.cdl OS_NTAS_2011_D_T10min.asc.gz
5-min T OS_NTAS_2011_D_T5min.cdl OS_NTAS_2011_D_T5min.asc.gz
10-min TS OS_NTAS_2011_D_TS10min.cdl OS_NTAS_2011_D_TS10min.asc.gz
1-min TS OS_NTAS_2011_D_TS1min.cdl OS_NTAS_2011_D_TS1min.asc.gz
SurfVel OS_NTAS_2011_D_surfV.cdl OS_NTAS_2011_D_surfV.asc.gz
DeepTS OS_NTAS_2011_D_deepTS-SBE16-2323.cdl OS_NTAS_2011_D_deepTS-SBE16-2323.asc.gz
DeepTS OS_NTAS_2011_D_deepTS-SBE16-2324.cdl OS_NTAS_2011_D_deepTS-SBE16-2324.asc.gz


Dates: December 3, 2012 - October 25, 2013

TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_NTAS_2012_D_M.cdl OS_NTAS_2012_D_M.asc.gz
10-min T OS_NTAS_2012_D_T10min.cdl OS_NTAS_2012_D_T10min.asc.gz
5-min T OS_NTAS_2012_D_T5min.cdl OS_NTAS_2012_D_T5min.asc.gz
10-min TS OS_NTAS_2012_D_TS10min.cdl OS_NTAS_2012_D_TS10min.asc.gz
1-min TS OS_NTAS_2012_D_TS1min.cdl OS_NTAS_2012_D_TS1min.asc.gz
SurfVel OS_NTAS_2012_D_surfV.cdl OS_NTAS_2012_D_surfV.asc.gz
DeepTS data/deepTS/OS_NTAS_2012_D_deepTS-SBE16-1877.cdl OS_NTAS_2012_D_deepTS-SBE16-1877.asc.gz


Dates: October 22, 2013 - Adrift: September 23, 2014.
Recovery: October 29, 2014 (buoy) December 15, 2014 (mooring)

TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_NTAS_2013_D_M.cdl OS_NTAS_2013_D_M.asc.gz
5-min T OS_NTAS_2013_D_T5min.cld OS_NTAS_2013_D_T5min.asc.gz
10-min TS OS_NTAS_2013_D_TS10min.cdl OS_NTAS_2013_D_TS10min.asc.gz
1-min TS OS_NTAS_2013_D_TS1min.cdl OS_NTAS_2013_D_TS1min.asc.gz
SurfVel OS_NTAS_2013_D_surfV.cdl OS_NTAS_2013_D_surfV.asc.gz
DeepTS OS_NTAS_2013_D_deepTS-SBE16-2323.cdl OS_NTAS_2013_D_deepTS-SBE16-2323.asc.gz
DeepTS OS_NTAS_2013_D_deepTS-SBE16-2324.cdl OS_NTAS_2013_D_deepTS-SBE16-2324.asc.gz


Dates: December 13, 2014 - February 4, 2016

TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_NTAS_2014_D_M.cdl OS_NTAS_2014_D_M.asc.gz
10-min T OS_NTAS_2014_D_T10min.cdl OS_NTAS_2014_D_T10min.asc.gz
5-min T OS_NTAS_2014_D_T5min.cdl OS_NTAS_2014_D_T5min.asc.gz
10-min TS OS_NTAS_2014_D_TS10min.cdl OS_NTAS_2014_D_TS10min.asc.gz
1-min TS OS_NTAS_2014_D_TS1min.cdl OS_NTAS_2014_D_TS1min.asc.gz
SurfVel OS_NTAS_2014_D_surfV.cdl OS_NTAS_2014_D_surfV.asc.gz
DeepTS OS_NTAS_2014_D_deepTS-SBE37WP-11392.cdl OS_NTAS_2014_D_deepTS-SBE37WP-11392.asc.gz
DeepTS OS_NTAS_2014_D_deepTS-SBE37WP-11393.cdl OS_NTAS_2014_D_deepTS-SBE37WP-11393.asc.gz


Dates: February 2, 2016 - January 31,2017

TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_NTAS_2016_D_M.cdl OS_NTAS_2016_D_M.asc.gz
SurfVel OS_NTAS_2016_D_surfV.cdl OS_NTAS_2016_D_surfV.asc.gz
Temperature and Salinity OS_NTAS_2016_D_TS.cdl OS_NTAS_2016_D_TS.asc.gz


Dates: January 30, 2017 - June 12, 2018

TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_NTAS_2017_D_M.cdl OS_NTAS_2017_D_M.asc.gz
SurfVel OS_NTAS_2017_D_surfV.cdl OS_NTAS_2017_D_surfV.asc.gz
Temperature and Salinity OS_NTAS_2017_D_TS.cdl OS_NTAS_2017_D_TS.asc.gz
DeepTS OS_NTAS_2017_D_deepTS-SBE37WP-11392.cdl OS_NTAS_2017_D_deepTS-SBE37WP-11392.asc.gz
DeepTS OS_NTAS_2017_D_deepTS-SBE37WP-11393.cdl OS_NTAS_2017_D_deepTS-SBE37WP-11393.asc.gz


Dates: June 10, 2018 - January 16, 2020

TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_NTAS_2018_D_M.cdl OS_NTAS_2018_D_M.asc.gz
SurfVel OS_NTAS_2018_D_surfV.cdl OS_NTAS_2018_D_surfV.asc.gz
Temperature and Salinity OS_NTAS_2018_D_TS.cdl OS_NTAS_2018_D_TS.asc.gz
DeepTS OS_NTAS_2018_D_deepTS-SBE37WP-11380.cdl OS_NTAS_2018_D_deepTS-SBE37WP-11380.asc.gz
DeepTS OS_NTAS_2018_D_deepTS-SBE37WP-11381.cdl OS_NTAS_2018_D_deepTS-SBE37WP-11381.asc.gz


Dates: January 10, 2020 - adrift: April 28, 2020 08:00 UTC
Recovered: October 20, 2020

TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_NTAS_2020_D_M.cdl OS_NTAS_2020_D_M.asc.gz
SurfVel OS_NTAS_2020_D_surfV.cdl OS_NTAS_2020_D_surfV.asc.gz
DeepTS OS_NTAS_2020_D_deepTS-SBE37WP-11392.cdl OS_NTAS_2020_D_deepTS-SBE37WP-11392.asc.gz
DeepTS OS_NTAS_2020_D_deepTS-SBE37WP-11393.cdl OS_NTAS_2020_D_deepTS-SBE37WP-11393.asc.gz


Dates: October 22, 2020 - November 13, 2021

TypeNetCDFMetadataText file
Met OS_NTAS_2020-10_D_M.cdl OS_NTAS_2020-10_D_M.asc.gz
SurfVel OS_NTAS_2020-10_D_surfV.cdl OS_NTAS_2020-10_D_surfV.asc.gz
DeepTS OS_NTAS_2020-10_D_deepTS-SBE37WP-12246.cdl OS_NTAS_2020-10_D_deepTS-SBE37WP-12246.asc.gz
DeepTS OS_NTAS_2020-10_D_deepTS-SBE37WP-12247.cdl OS_NTAS_2020-10_D_deepTS-SBE37WP-12247.asc.gz

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