Upper Ocean Mooring Data Repository - Arabian Sea Experiment


    Location: At 15° 30´N, 61° 30´E
    Duration: 94/10/16 to 95/10/19
    Sample Rate: 7.5 minutes
      Air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, sea temperature, east and north wind speeds, wind speed, wind direction, incoming shortwave (solar) and longwave radiation, precipitation rate.
    Instrumentation: See the table of instruments and the glossary of instrument types.
    Time series plot

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Note: The meteorological data file has been replaced on 2012/6/27. The new file corresponds to the one used in the calculation of surface fluxes. Differences between the originally-posted file and this one include slight changes to HRH on data from both deployments, plus wind and SWR on the second deployment.

metadataEPIC (NetCDF)compressed ASCIIASCII

Also available: Heat fluxes (EPIC)

Last updated: March 14, 2008