Upper Ocean Mooring Data Repository - Biowatt Experiment: Bioluminescence and Optical Variability of the Sea


    Location: At about 34° N, 70° W, in the Sargasso Sea.
    Duration: 9 months, from late February to 23 November, 1987
    Sample Rate: 7.5 minutes
      Air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, sea temperature, east and north wind speeds, incoming shortwave (solar) radiation. Longwave radiation and precipitation rate are unavailable for this experiment and are represented by a fill value.
    Instrumentation: See the table of instruments and the glossary of instrument types.
    Processing Notes: are on-line in text file.

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Deploymentmetadata EPIC (NetCDF) compressed ASCII ASCII
1 biowatt1met.meta biowatt1met.epic biowatt1met.asc.gz biowatt1met.asc
2 biowatt2met.meta biowatt2met.epic biowatt2met.asc.gz biowatt2met.asc
3 biowatt3met.meta biowatt3met.epic biowatt3met.asc.gz biowatt3met.asc

Last updated: May 17, 2008