Upper Ocean Mooring Data Repository - CMO: Coastal Mixing and Optics Experiment
Water Velocities


Location: 40° 30´ N, 70° 30´W
Duration: 10.5 months, from July, 1996 to June, 1997
Sample Rate: 15 minutes
Variables: velocity east, velocity north, speed, direction
Instrumentation: see VMCMs in the list of subsurface instruments.
Processing Notes: are available in a plain text file.
Time Series Plots of Central Site Velocities:

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Site / FileType MetaData EPIC (NetCDF) Compressed ASCII ASCII
Alongshore cmoalongvel.meta cmoalongvel.epic cmoalongvel.asc.gz cmoalongvel.asc
Centralcmocentvel.meta cmocentvel.epic cmocentvel.asc.gz cmocentvel.asc
Inshorecmoinvel.meta cmoinvel.epic cmoinvel.asc.gz cmoinvel.asc
Offshorecmooffvel.meta cmooffvel.epic cmooffvel.asc.gz cmooffvel.asc

Last updated: May 17, 2008