WHOI-KAUST Red Sea mooring

Meteorological Plots: KAUST Buoy

System 2 stopped transmitting on September 18, 2010, and System 1 stopped on Septermer 22.

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Air Temperature (degrees C) Relative Humidity (%)
Longwave Radiation(w/m2) Barometric Pressure (db)
Shortwave Radiation (w/m2) Precipitation Level (mm)
Sea Surface Temperature (°)) Salinity (psu)
Wind Speed (m/s) Wind Direction (° towards)
Wave height (m) Mean wave direction (°)
Temperature at 8 m (°) Temperature at 10 m (° )
Temperature at 15 m (°) Temperature at 30 m (° )
Salinity at 10 m (PSU) Salinity at 15 m (PSU)


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