WHOI-KAUST Red Sea mooring

Tower System
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SBE 37-SI at SBE
SBE-37-IM at SBE
SBE-39-IM at SBE


Please click on the instrument name in the table below for more information, sensor specifications, and photos of the instruments in use on the KAUST mooring and tower systems.

Instrument ParametersLocation
BPR Module Barometric Pressure (db)Buoy, tower
HRH Module Air Temperature (° C),Relative Humidity (%)Buoy, tower
LWR Module Longwave Radiation(w/m2)Buoy, tower
SWR Module Shortwave Radiation (w/m2) Buoy, tower
SWND Module Wind Speed (m/s),Wind Direction (° towards)Buoy, tower
PRC Module Precipitation Level (mm)Buoy, tower
SBE-37 Sea Surface Temperature (° C), Conductivity (S/m)Buoy

Other Instrumentation
Instrument ParametersLocation
SBE-37-IM Sea Water Temperature (° C), Conductivity (S/m)Buoy, 10m and 15m
SBE-39-IM Sea Water Temperature (° C)Buoy, 8m and 30m
WAMDAS Wave height (m), wave direction (°), Wave period (sec)Buoy


Surface and near-surface data is received in near-real time using Iridium modems running Short Burst Data messaging. Please see our UOP Technotes, Buoy Telemetry and Inductive Telemetry for UOP Ocean Reference Station Moorings for more information about our Iridium telelmetry systems.