Upper Ocean Mooring Data Repository - LOTUS: The Long Term Upper Ocean Study


Location: 34N, 70W
Duration: 1982/05/13 12:07 - 1984/05/20 12:45, 56574 records
Sample Rate: 900 seconds
    Air Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Sea temperature, East and North Wind Speeds, Shortwave (Solar) Radiation are included. There was no relative humidity, precipitation or longwave radiation measured during this experiment, so these fields are filled with flag values in the data files.

Processing Notes:
    The surface buoys were equipped with a sequence of pairs of Vector Averaging Wind Recorders(VAWRs). We have a composite data file which consists of combined variables from the VAWRS on the 4 LOTUS deployments. Inter-deployment gaps are filled with flag values.

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These data files contain the combined 2-year met data.

Last updated: May 18, 2008