Location: 34N, 70W
    Surface moorings: 1982/05/13 through 1984/05/20
    NearSurface Mooring:
      Year 1: 1982/05/11 through 1983/04/12
      Year 2: 1983/04/14 through 1984/05/03
Sample Rate: 900 seconds (15 minute)
Depth Bins:
    Surface moorings: 5,10,15,20,25,35,50,65,75,100m
    NearSurface Mooring
      Year 1: 127,129,178,228,278,328,427,775, 1024,1521,4007m
      Year 2: 98,198,248,298,348,398,448,498,598,748,998,2498,3998m
Variables: Water Velocity East and North in cm/s
Instruments: Vector Measuring Current Meters (VMCMs) and Vector Averaging Current Meters (VACMs)
Time Series Plots are not yet available
Processing Notes: The basic sampling rates of the instruments were 225, 450 and 900 seconds. Data is averaged to 900 seconds.

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2-year water velocity data from surface moorings Year 1 water velocity data from near-surface moorings Year 2 water velocity data from near-surface moorings

Last updated: April 9, 2008