Upper Ocean Mooring Data Repository - SMILE: Shelf Mixed Layer Experiment
Water Velocities


Location: About 38° 40´N,   123° 30´W
Duration: 6 months, from mid-November, 1988 to mid-May, 1989
Sample Rate: hourly
Variables: velocity east, velocity north, speed, direction
Instrumentation: VMCMs and VACMs from WHOI, SIO, and USGS

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Site / FileType MetaData EPIC (NetCDF) Compressed ASCII ASCII
C2 smileC2vel.meta smileC2vel.epic smileC2vel.asc.gz smileC2vel.asc
C3 smileC3vel.meta smileC3vel.epic smileC3vel.asc.gz smileC3vel.asc
C4 smileC4vel.meta smileC4vel.epic smileC4vel.asc.gz smileC4vel.asc
G3 smileG3vel.meta smileG3vel.epic smileG3vel.asc.gz smileG3vel.asc
M3 smileM3vel.meta smileM3vel.epic smileM3vel.asc.gz smileM3vel.asc

Last updated: April 9, 2008