Upper Ocean Mooring Data Repository - CoOP: Coastal Ocean Processes Program
Bottom Pressures


Location: 36° 12´N,   73° 40´W
Duration: 4 months, from August to December, 1994
Sample Rate: hourly
Variables: Salinity and Sigma-Theta
Variables: Bottom Pressure
Instrumentation: SeaGauges as shown in the list of subsurface instruments.

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Site / FileType MetaData EPIC (NetCDF) Compressed ASCII ASCII
J0 coopJ0press.meta coopJ0press.epic coopJ0press.asc.gz coopJ0press.asc
J1 coopJ1press.meta coopJ1press.epic coopJ1press.asc.gz coopJ1press.asc
J2 coopJ2press.meta coopJ2press.epic coopJ2press.asc.gz coopJ2press.asc
J3 coopJ3press.meta coopJ3press.epic coopJ3press.asc.gz coopJ3press.asc
J4 coopJ4press.meta coopJ4press.epic coopJ4press.asc.gz coopJ4press.asc
D2 coopD2press.meta coopD2press.epic coopD2press.asc.gz coopD2press.asc
N2 coopN2press.meta coopN2press.epic coopN2press.asc.gz coopN2press.asc
S2 coopS2press.meta coopS2press.epic coopS2press.asc.gz coopS2press.asc

Last updated: May 18, 2008