Upper Ocean Mooring Data Repository - CoOP: Coastal Ocean Processes Program


Location: 36° 12´N,   73° 40´W
Duration: 4 months, from August to December, 1994
Sample Rate: hourly
Variables: Salinity and Sigma-Theta
Instrumentation: The Seabird SBE 16s (SeaCats) and SBE 26 (TideGauges)in the list of subsurface instruments measured salinity.
Processing Notes: are not yet available on-line.
Time Series Plots of Salinity are not yet available on-line.

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Site / FileType MetaData EPIC (NetCDF) Compressed ASCII ASCII
13m Site coop13msal.meta coop13msal.epic coop13msal.asc.gz coop13msal.asc
20m Site coop20msal.meta coop20msal.epic coop20msal.asc.gz coop20msal.asc
25m Site coop25msal.meta coop25msal.epic coop25msal.asc.gz coop25msal.asc

Last updated: May 18, 2008