Upper Ocean Mooring Data Repository - CoOP: Coastal Ocean Processes Program
Water Temperatures


Location: 36° 12´N,   73° 40´W
Duration: 4 months, from August to December, 1994
Sample Rate: hourly
Variables: Water temperature
Instrumentation: SeaCats and Tpods as shown on the list of subsurface instruments.
Processing Notes: are not yet available.
Time Series Plots of Temperatures are not yet available.

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Site / FileType MetaData EPIC (NetCDF) Compressed ASCII ASCII
4m Site coop4mtemp.meta coop4mtemp.epic coop4mtemp.asc.gz coop4mtemp.asc
8m Site coop8mtemp.meta coop8mtemp.epic coop8mtemp.asc.gz coop8mtemp.asc
13m Site coop13mtemp.meta coop13mtemp.epic coop13mtemp.asc.gz coop13mtemp.asc
20m Site coop20mtemp.meta coop20mtemp.epic coop20mtemp.asc.gz coop20mtemp.asc
25m Site coop25mtemp.meta coop25mtemp.epic coop25mtemp.asc.gz coop25mtemp.asc

Last updated: May 18, 2008