Upper Ocean Mooring Data Repository - MLML 91: The Marine Light - Mixed Layer Experiment
Water Velocities


Location: 59.489 North, 20.826 West
Duration: 91/04/30 00:07 - 91/09/05 23:52, 12384 records
Sample Rate: 900 seconds (15 Minute)
16 Depth Bins
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Ocean sensor instrument details.
Processing Notes:
    The MVMS record at 30 m depth had a gap between 27 July and 26 August, and the 70 m record stopped on 30 June. The missing data were filled using linear interpolation between the nearest neighbors in the vertical. Thus, the 30 m record was filled using measurements at 10 and 50 m, and the 70 m record was filled using measurements at 50 and 80 m.

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Last updated: May 18, 2008