Bay of Bengal

Monsoon Buoy

R.V. Sagar Nidhi and Monsoon Buoy
Photo courtesy Sean Patrick Whelan
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Office Of Naval Research

Atmospheric Forcing and the Structure and Evolution of the Upper Ocean in the Bay of Bengal

Data Access - Real time data

The buoy was deployed on December 8, 2014 at 08:28 UTC from the Research Vessel Sagar Nidhi (Indian National Institute of Ocean Technology), out of Chennai, India. The water depth at the site is 2152 m.

NOTE: this is completely unedited data, please use with caution.
No magnetic correction has been applied to the winds.

ASIMet System 1 (SN 39) ASIMet System 2 (SN 40)
imet fig 1 imet fig 2
Detailed plots: System 1 System 2

File information

  • Text files begin with comment lines that begin with % to make them Matlab-compatible.
  • Header lines include the processing date, in local (Eastern) time.
  • Times in Iridium data records reflect the end of the hour during which averaged data was collected.
  • Times in Iridium data records are in UTC
  • There is a 'column header' line:
    % year mon day yearday hour min bpr atmp sst wnde wndn hrh swr lwr precip cond sal wnds wndd
    year 4-digit year
    mon Month number, starts at 1
    day Day of month, starts at 1
    yearday Day of year, starts at 1
    hour UTC; starts at 0
    min minute
    bprmBBarometric pressure
    atmp°CAir temperature
    sst°CSea surface temperature
    wndem/sEastward componenet of wind speed
    wndnm/sNorthward componenet of wind speed
    hrh%Relative humidity
    swrW/m2Shortwave radiation
    lwrW/m2Longwave radiation
    precipmmPrecipitation level
    cond1Sea surface conductivity
    salPSUSea surface salinity
    wndsm/sWind speed
    wndd°Wind direction (to)

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