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Monsoon Buoy

R.V. Sagar Nidhi and Monsoon Buoy
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Atmospheric Forcing and the Structure and Evolution of the Upper Ocean in the Bay of Bengal

Data Access- Shared quality-controlled surface meteorology and air-sea fluxes

We are providing for all to use the surface meteorological and air-sea flux time series collected on the WHOI surface mooring at 18°N, 89.5°E deployed by Drs. Tom Farrar and Robert Weller with support from the U.S. Navy Office of Naval Research (ONSR).

Please acknowledge the source of the data; acknowledgement details are included in the Readme file. The reference that should cited in conjunction with the use of the surface meteorological and air-sea flux data from the WHOI buoy is:

Weller, R.A., J.T. Farrar, J. Buckley, S. Mathew, R. Venkatesan, J. Sree Lekha, D. Chaudhuri, N. Suresh Kumar, and B. Praveen Kumar. 2016. Air-sea interaction in the Bay of Bengal. Oceanography 29(2):28–37,

We have used redundant data from the buoy and other information to produce a single set of time series of surface meteorology and of the air-sea fluxes of heat, freshwater, and momentum. Both are provided at different sampling rates: one-minute, one-hour, one-day, and one-month. Because we need to compute wind velocity relative to surface current, we also include the 2 meter deep ocean velocity time series we used in the flux computation.

Met data

Record RateNetCDFASCII, g'zippedMetadataQuick PlotMatlab File
1 minute Bengal_1_D_M-60s Bengal_1_D_M-60s Bengal_1_D_M-60s Bengal_1_D_M-60s beng1_met_60s
1 hour Bengal_1_D_M-1hr Bengal_1_D_M-1hr Bengal_1_D_M-1hr Bengal_1_D_M-1hr beng1_met_1hr
1 day Bengal_1_D_M-1d Bengal_1_D_M-1d Bengal_1_D_M-1d Bengal_1_D_M-1d beng1_met_1d
1 month Bengal_1_D_M-1mnth Bengal_1_D_M-1mnth Bengal_1_D_M-1mnth Bengal_1_D_M-1mnth beng1_met_1mnth


Surface Flux Data

Record RateNetCDFASCII, g'zippedMetadataQuick PlotMatlab File
1 minute Bengal_1_D_F-60s Bengal_1_D_F-60s Bengal_1_D_F-60s Bengal_1_D_F-60s beng1_flux_60s
1 hour Bengal_1_D_F-1hr Bengal_1_D_F-1hr Bengal_1_D_F-1hr Bengal_1_D_F-1hr beng1_flux_1hr
1 day Bengal_1_D_F-1d Bengal_1_D_F-1d Bengal_1_D_F-1d Bengal_1_D_F-1d beng1_flux_1d
1 month Bengal_1_D_F-1mnth Bengal_1_D_F-1mnth Bengal_1_D_F-1mnth Bengal_1_D_F-1mnth beng1_flux_1mnth


Surface Currents Data

Record RateNetCDFASCII, g'zippedMetadataQuick PlotMatlab File
SurfVel1 hour Bengal_1_D_surfV Bengal_1_D_surfV Bengal_1_D_surfV Bengal_1_D_surfV nortek_2mbin_4flux

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