As part of the SPURS (Salinity Processes in the Upper Ocean Regional Study) project, the Upper Ocean Processes Group at WHOI deployed a surface mooring at approximately 24.5N, 38 W, in the salinity maximum region of the subtropical North Atlantic, on September 14, 2012 from the R.V. Knorr.

The buoy is equipped with two identical ASIMet systems, each with an Argos transmittter. Hourly averages of ASIMet data are transmitted continuously and delivered to the UOP lab every three hours for immediate processing.
Times in Iridium data files reflect the end of the hour during which averaged data was collected.
A magnetic declination correction is applied to the winds. The value is -13.89284, calculated using the IGRF model on the NOAA NESDIS NGDC web site.

Note: The Argos transmitter on logger 37 stopped updating on October 6, 2012.

Data Access - Real time meteorology

This is unedited data, please use with caution.

SPURS Central mooring, deployment I Real time data
Data: System 1 (SN 37) Text: daily Text: complete Mat file NetCDF Metadata
Data: System 2 (SN 38) Text: daily Text: complete Mat file NetCDF Metadata
Plots: Plot 1, recent Plot 2, recent Plot 1, all Plot 2, all Argos throughput

spurs imet fig 1 spurs imet fig 2
Plot 1 Plot 2

Real time surface fluxes

Preliminary surface fluxes are calculated using the COARE bulk flux algorithm. Plots and data listings are available.

Note on metoerology text files

Text files begin with comment lines that begin with % to make them Matlab-compatible. Header lines include the processing date, in local (Eastern) time.
There is also a column header line:
%year month day yday hr BPR ATMP SST WNDE WNDN HRH SWR LWR RN CND sal wnd_spd wnd_dir rain_rate
Times reflect the end of the hour during which averaged data was collected, in UTC.

year 4-digit year
month Month number, starts at 1
day Day of month, starts at 1
yday Day of year, starts at 1
hr UTC; starts at 0
bprdBBarometric pressure
atmp°CAir temperature
sst°CSea surface temperature
wndem/sEastward component of wind
wndnm/sNorthward component of wind
hrh%Relative humidity
swrW/m2Shortwave radiation
lwrW/m2Longwave radiation
RNmmPrecipitation level
cond1Sea surface conductivity
salPSUSea water practical salinity
wnd_spdm/sWind speed, from wnde, wndn
wnd_dir°Wind direction (to), from wnde, wndn
rain_ratemm/hourPrecipitation rate

Page updated: September 13, 2012